6 Simple Steps to Reduce Stress

by admin on May 27, 2011

So many of my clients come to me and say, “I’m so stressed out!”  In fact, just walking down the street you can see for yourself the people who look like they simply hate their world.  I have a simple 6 step remedy to take some of the stress out of your life so you can put a smile on your face and a snap in your step.

You might feel like you have too much to do and you never get it all done.

1) Get a To Do List

Make a list each day of the things you absolutely have to do, things you need to do, and things you’d like to do.  That way you can meet your deadlines and get things done with a confident, focused mind.

You might feel like everyone is asking you for something.

2) Learn to say No.

Be polite, be apologetic, be filled with regret, but be honest.  If you can’t do what you are being asked to do, or if doing it would cause you a lot of grief and stress…just say no!

You might be in a rush to get things done.

3) Do it right the first time.

Often we think we can cut corners and rush something through.  When we do something slap-dash, oftentimes we have to do it again. It may take a little longer to do it right the first time, but it will save you time on the redo.

You might feel like you procrastinate.

4) Use the 10 minute rule.

Pick a task you don’t want to do, and spend ten minutes doing it.  Chances are that at the end of the 10 minutes the task is done or well on it’s way.  If it’s done, it won’t be hanging over your head or keeping you awake at night.  If it’s begun you might feel like spending a little more time to finish or feel thankful that it is on it’s way to being completed.

You might feel tired, bored, or listless.

5)  Sleep and exercise regularly

Burning that midnight oil makes you tired, cranky and inefficient.  It also impairs your immune system, making you vulnerable to sickness.  Exercising regularly keeps you healthy, reduces your stress level, and gives you energy.  Take care of yourself and you’ll stay focused, productive, and efficient.

You might feel overwhelmed.

6) Take a break.

Stop, breathe, have a cup of coffee or tea, go for a walk, read a magazine or a book for a few minutes.  Just break away, even briefly from what you are doing.  The odds are that you’ll feel sharper and be better able to focus on the task at hand after you’ve taken a mini-break from it.

The lesson here is to take care of yourself!  Listen to your mind and body.  Treat yourself like you were your own best friend.  You are worth it!

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